Commercial Inspection

What does a Commercial inspection from Imperial Home Inspections cover?

Many aspects of a residential inspection are also covered in a commercial inspection such as exterior and interior inspection of structural members, roofs, plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems. But commercial properties have requirements that go above and beyond what are included in residential structures.

Your IHS inspector will look at your commercial property to assure that the following are in place and correct,

    • Ingress and Egress requirements. (Getting in and out of your building).
    • Separations, such as fire walls, fire barriers, smoke barrier (There is a difference).
  • Accessibility- (ADA) Will your building need to be upgraded by your local municipality? This includes parking spots, plumbing fixtures, reach ranges, braille signage and exits.
  • Fire suppression and protection. (We do not certify fire alarms or sprinkler systems, but we can tell you if you need them).

Any and all issues will be detailed in the same style comprehensive report and provided to you in the same format as a residential inspection report.