Residential Inspection

What does a residential inspection from Imperial Home Inspections cover?

IHS inspectors will begin at the exterior of your property. We inspect the general condition of the grounds (For grading, slope, conditions etc.), any fencing, driveways, patios, decks or accessory structures. We also inspect outdoor HVAC units (If applicable), the foundation (if visible from the exterior), exterior wall coverings, windows, doors, downspouts, gutters, roofs and chimneys to insure that there are no components that may adversely affect the home or business.

Once the IHS inspector has finished the exterior of your home, they will then inspect the interior portions of the structure including all visible structural components such as joists, beams and rafters to assure that any structural issues are brought to the attention of the homeowner. We look for repairs that may have been performed by persons other than the home builder and check for any defects or problems that may be present.

Your IHS inspector will also inspect all of the plumbing, electrical and HVAC systems in the home. Although we are not inspecting for code compliance, if any situation arises that is considered a life safety issue (i.e. lack of smoke detectors in required areas) your IHS inspector will bring it to the attention of the property owner and also not it in his/her report.

When finished, your IHS inspector will prepare a comprehensive report complete with detailed explanations of any issues defects, repairs or problems that he/she may have discovered during the inspection. The report will also include color photographs showing exactly what (And where) the issue is. Your inspector will then sit down with you and completely go over any areas of concern along with any additional issues that may arise during the course of the inspect.